ABS Covered Raised Floor Socket Set

Quick DetailsSerial No.ParameterDescription1Panel materialsPlastic2MaterialABS, galvanised steel3Overall Frame & Lid (mm)320.5*230.54Compact floor cut-out(mm)303.5*213.55Thickness of concavity/Frame lid recess (mm)86Installation depth(mm)70mm~110mm7Plug top clearance(mm)13~388Available modules16 modules 9Accessorie

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Quick Details
Serial No.ParameterDescription
1Panel materialsPlastic
2MaterialABS, galvanised steel
3Overall Frame & Lid (mm)320.5*230.5
4Compact floor cut-out(mm)303.5*213.5
5Thickness of concavity/Frame lid recess (mm)8
6Installation depth(mm)70mm~110mm
7Plug top clearance(mm)13~38
8Available modules16 modules 
9Accessories plates90*80mm
      Multifunctional exhibition center, large office building. Lab. Commercial building and so on . Their numerous power device and information processing device have high request to the wiring system.Installations where need a underfloor box with a finish depending on the particular material of floor which ant to integrate.The system is composed of wiring duct, junction box and line-out box. Multifunctional socket box and accessories. It can lay the duct-dividing for strong and weak electricity. Circuit may perform many ducts interloack which well meet the wiring requirements of power device and information processing device at different site for every building.
  1. Office and education
  2. Industry and Engineering
  3. Presentation and retail;
  4. Orientation and safety;
  5. Transit areas and parking;
  6. Hotels, hospitality and wellness;
  7. Health, sport and leisure;
  8. Art and culture;

Our floor boxes are boxes for installation recessed in floor with possibilities of add decorative materials like carpet, parquet or other finishes, on the lid.
  1. Perfect finish:Our  range of access and screed Floor Boxes are available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 compartments and Blends in fully with the surroundings
  2. Safety guaranty:Frame &lid moulded from high impact ABS plastic material and self-extinguishing, halogen-free materials,guaranty of safety for people and equipment.
  3. Protected opening systemEasy grip recessed lifting handle and only be opened by pulling both opening clips at the same time. The clips of floor boxes are self-positioning and secure the fastening.
  4. Easy installation:Clamp fixing of receptacle and Data outlet for fast installation.No junction box is required for installing floor boxes in raised floors.
  5. The carpet protective frame is overlapping the edge of the floor and is to protect the carpet material against fraying at the edge.
Advantages :

1. Protect against entry by dust and small objects:Floor box manufactured from galvanised steel with cable inlet slot cover and pre-punched holes for tube inlet so that allows the passage of connection cable and protect rust at same time.
2. Hinged cover of 8mm concavity with click ladder system under floor trunking system.
3.25*20mm knockouts to accept flexible conduit and 169*141.5mm for floor cut-out;

4.Galvanised lid insert for strength;
5.Standard depth 99mm designed to accepts standard accessory plates from electrical wholesalers.
6.Installation depth be adjustable: Installation depth from 70mm.
7. More capacity of outlet: For 8 apparatus type Mosaic 45*45mm.
ABS Material Cover Type Floor Socket Suit for Raised Flooring

ABS Material Cover Type Floor Socket Suit for Raised Flooring
ABS Material Cover Type Floor Socket Suit for Raised Flooring
ABS Material Cover Type Floor Socket Suit for Raised Flooring
ABS Material Cover Type Floor Socket Suit for Raised Flooring

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